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Insider TPS Overview

Insider TPS is the call accounting software offered by Interactive Voice Solution Limited.The Insider TPS (Track Plan Save) Call Reporting Solution is an essential business tool and a reliable partner in managing your business’ telephone resource. Easily synced with your telephone system, Insider TPS has an intuitive browser interface that provides inside information (Call Reports) that help to inform your business decisions and actions. The reports are real-time, thus facilitating immediate response to telephone use or abuse through monitoring. For more information on how Insider TPS operates Click Here.

Your System Specifications are listed below

Operating System :
Available Physical Memory :
Total Physical Memory :
Your Free Disk Space is :
Database :

System requirements to host Insider TPS include :

Operation System : Windows XP/Vista/ 2003 Server/7

.NET Framework 3.5**

Hard Disk Space : 2GB free(minimum)

Memory : 512 MB (minimum)

Database : Microsoft SQL Server 05/08**

Web Browser.

**Installation of these items are included in the implementation process of the Insider TPS System and there fore not required prior to doing the installation.